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Dog Bloat, Slow down dog eating, Fast eating dog, Bowl to slow dog eating, Dog eats to fast
Dog Bloat is a serious health risk where the stomach flips.  Dog breeds at risk of having their stomach flip are those that have chests deeper than they are wide like Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Weimaraners, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters, Gordon Setters, Rottweilers, Standard Poodles and many other breeds. Is your dog at risk?

At Risk for Dog Bloat?

Dog Bloat (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or GDV), is a very serious, often fatal condition that requires rapid treatment by your Veterinarian. Do all you can to prevent it! One of the risk factors for “Dog Bloat” is dogs eating too fast. The EAT SLOWER® DOG DISH is designed to help teach your dog to slow down his eating.

Purdue University, School of Veterinary Medicine research list the five primary risk factors for Dog Bloat (GDV). They are: Age in Years; Chest depth/width ratio; First degree relative with GDV; Using a raised feeding bowl; Speed of eating. (See link to Purdue U Research)

Is your dog in one of the 25 Breeds at risk for Dog Bloat (GDV)? Is your dog eating to fast? Help you dog learn to eat slower with the EAT SLOWER® DOG DISH.

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Purdue University, School of Veterinary Medicine has done extensive research on Dog Bloat.  They have identified and ranked the risk factors by body type, dog breeds, eating habits, genetics, behavior, etc.  One risk factor among susceptible breeds is fast-eating, bolting and gulping food.  Click here for background information and research results.


Dog Eats Too Fast?

These are dog bowls that slow down eating!

Dog bowls for fast eaters!

Is your dog eating too fast?   Fast eating is not good for any dog.  Slow your dogs eating.  Get the EAT SLOWER® DOG DISH.  These dog bowls are designed to help your dog learn to slow down his eating.  Most dogs learn to eat slower with this design of dog bowls.

These are the only dog bowls designed specifically to change your dog's eating style!  No more "Grab & Gulp"!

These dishes are "BPA Free"

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Brake-Fast or EAT SLOWER dog bowls?
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Dog Bloat, Slow down dog eating, Fast eating dog, Bowl to slow dog eating, Dog eats to fast

This is Jed, the dog who inspired the Eat Slower Dog Dish, a specialty dog dish for "fast eating dogs." More…

How does the EAT SLOWER®DOG DISH slow your dog’s eating?

The EAT SLOWER® DOG DISH is a patented dish, specifically designed to teach your dog to eat slower.  It has 7 separate feeding areas around  a center cone and separated by 1” high walls (2-Cup size).  The 2-Cup size holds 2 cups dry dog food ,spread evenly, with little or no stacking of the food.  Food that is not stacked up requires your dog to use his/her tongue, lips and teeth to get the food. 

This increases eating time and changes eating style.  Your dog can’t just grab a mouthful of food out of the bowl and gulp it down!  The 1-Cup size does the same with 1 cup of dry dog food.  Even though the 2-Cup size will hold 4-5 cups in the 7 feeding areas, slow your dogs eating time and change his style, by not stacking up the food! Dog care professionals recommend feeding 2 or 3 smaller meals, rather than 1 larger meal each day.

Most people who use dry dog food see a 100-500% increase in their dogs eating time with the first use of the EAT SLOWER® Dog Dish.  Then they see  a gradual increase over the next few months.  Our dog, Jed, went from a dog food gulper to a gentleman diner with the use of this Dish.

Tip: LOADING the Dish   Be sure to put food along the edges and in the corners of all 7 feeding sections.  For dry food you can use the back of your fingers.  For wet or canned food use the back of a spoon or spatula.  This helps in slowing the eating process!


Dog Bloat Eat Slower Pet Dishes

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 Dogs eating to fast, Slow dogs eating, Slow down dogs eating

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John M. Carr DVM said, "Thank you! It's about time somebody made a product like this. Make one for cats!"

**Try the 1-Cup size for "fast eating" full size cats.

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Dog Bloat, gastric dilatation volvulus, gdv


...Thanks again so much, 2 feedings now and we are over 100% satisfied!!! Eddie and Steph Butler, Ashville, OH

Your eat slower pet dish is our answer to all issues we had at eating time. We have four labs, Evan 9 yrs., Apollo 8 yrs., Coco 7 yrs., Reesie 5 yrs. and they all enjoy their new dishes. All four of them are more satisfied with eating slower... Michelle, Greg, and Puppies too! (Wyomissing Pa.)

...My two gluttons went from being "horrifying" to watch eat to "aah, how cute"...KL in AK

...he would INHALE his meals...in 30 seconds or less...Riley now eats at a slower 2 minutes and 30 seconds pace....Thank you!  Sharon  in WV

...I bought another bowl (Brake-Fast) and it slowed her somewhat...a local trainer suggested your product...your bowl is absolutely amazing...Sophia has gone from about 5 seconds to about 4 minutes.  It's a tremendous product!  JoAnne in FL

...Leon took 55 seconds to eat his meal...with one eat slower dish Leon took 120 seconds...with two eat slower dishes it slowed hin to 205 seconds..Thanks again..Carol in the UK

Fantastic Bowl.....Janice  in MI

...no more wolfing and choking.  Thanks!  Joey in WY


Abby the Labby has gone from about 10 seconds to a minute right out of the box...Kim in FL

...Thanks again on behalf of myself, Tina and most of all "Smoky".   Elliott in NC

...Dusty has always had tummy trouble...since using your dish, her tummy has settled down and she seems happier....J A & R  in TX

...dinner went from gulping down their food in a few seconds to 2-1/2 minutes to clean their  dishes.  Can't tell you how excited I am about your product~AND it's made in the U.S.A.!!!!!!.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH.   Lori in CA

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